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My name is Palmer Haasch, and I’m a culture writer with a penchant for K-pop and fandom. At my day job, I mostly cover TV, anime, and entertainment news, but rarely get the chance to write about music or K-pop. With an academic background in close reading and fandom (I wrote my thesis on BTS fanfiction), I love talking about fans and the latest drama from stan Twitter.

This newsletter brings together both the latest news and releases, followed by a mini-essay each week about whatever fandom topic is weighing on my mind or merits explaining. I like to keep things casual here! Sometimes the format changes.

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Whether you’re a hardened stan or just trying to figure out why everyone in the US can’t stop talking about BTS, you’re likely to get something out of this newsletter. If you’re looking to shake up your music rotation, I make weekly playlists to go along with each issue. If you want to learn more about why K-pop fandom is the way that it is, I usually spend a while breaking that down as well.

So… who do you stan?

Like many these days, I first got really into K-pop by way of BTS. I started listening to the group on the tail end of their Wings era, and it’s been all downhill from there.

Nowadays though, I’m about as multi as it gets. BTS and LOONA are my ults (i.e. ultimate faves), but I also stan groups like CLC, fromis_9, ATEEZ, (G)I-DLE, and more.

Questions? Suggestions?

Reach out to me on Twitter @haasch_palmer or by email at palmer.haasch@gmail.com.

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